Company Information:

“BS SURGICAL TECHNICAL INSTRUMENTS.” is one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of the finest quality Barber Shears and Beauty Implements, Manicure & Pedicure Products, Surgical Instruments, Knives and Replica Swords based in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Our Mission:
To become the preferred provider of quality products for customer’s satisfaction.
Our Values:
Preference to customer’s requirement on quality without compromise at all
Best Services to our valued clients
Competitiveness in prices globally
Growth & development of our worker’s team
Professionalism & Ethics in all our actions

Company Establishment & Background:

The (BS) SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS COMPANY a small company founded 1995.on within next few years we took a step forward and started to supply our products in the market. With the passage of time our expertise enhanced and our market understanding refined more, we entered in the international market almost in 1998 with our quality products and now enjoying a good name in the international markets.

The production team having genuine passion for manufacturing quality products for last more than three decades have gained multi-dimensional knowledge of modern production techniques, technology and knowledge of customer requirement. All these elements coupled with dedication are the elements behind our success story. Standardized manufacturing processes are our main strengths for our global recognition. We do not compromise on quality standards. Quality Products, highly competitive prices and satisfied customers are our haul marks. Our main strength is highly professional team of workmanship who are manufacturing products comparable to German & Japanese quality standards.


BS SURGICAL TECHNICAL INSTRUMENTS. is the first among the companies who qualified GMP, FDA in 1995. We have successfully completed ISO 13485 & ISO 19001, En 46002, CE Mark qualified company from USA. We are now striving for TQM.

Products Details:

The group companies are engaged in manufacturing high quality Surgical Instruments, manicure & Pedicure Implements, Surgical & Dental Instruments, Knives & Replica Swords and Contract Packaging

1. Beauty care Implements:

We are offering full range of “Nail, Skin and Hair Care instruments” to fulfill the needs of beauty professionals. Our product range includes “Barber Shears, Cuticle & Nose Scissors, Tweezers, Nail Cutter, Nail Files, Pushers, Nail Clipper & Cuticle Nail Nippers, Razors, Blackhead Remover & Comedo Extractors, etc."

2. Surgical, Dental & Medical Devices:

We are offering full range of “Surgical, Dental & Health Care instruments” to fulfill the needs of Medical & Dental professionals. Our product range includes “Forceps, Scalpels & Operating Knives & Scissors for surgery/bandage purpose, Saws & Plaster Instruments, dressing &Tissue forceps, Extracting Forceps, Dental Tweezers, Dental Pliers, Crown & Gum Scissors, Root Evaluators, Chisels, Cavity Preparation Instruments, needle holders & Eye, Ear, Nasal & Orthopedic instruments, Retractors & Spatulas etc. etc.”

3. Swords & Knives:

We are offering full range of “Medieval Swords, Fantasy Knives, Daggers, Samurai Swords, Katanas, Daggers, Helmets & Axes etc.” for Collectors, Hobbyists, Enthusiasts & Re-enactors.

Our product range includes “a complete collection of fully functional Medieval Swords, Fencing, Tai chi, Fantasy and Movie Swords, Broad Swords, Claymores, Scimitars, Thrusting swords, Medieval Sabers, Slayer Swords, Medieval Daggers and Short Swords, Armors, Samurai Armor & huge selection of knives for every need, from Stiletto knives, Hunting Knives, Bowie Knife, Survival Knife, Folding Knife, Kitchen Knife, to a Throwing knife & Breastplates, Shields and Complete Suits of armor.


All our products are made of stainless steel and all custom designs and OEM productions are also available as per customer’s requirement. Our products are available in “Titanium Coated, Gold Plated, Mirror Finish, Satin Finish and Color Coated”. All types of Blister packing facility are available.


We have been exporting our products to USA, Australia, Korea, Middle East, UK and Belgium. Especially in USA the company has its own office & warehouse with vast experience of dealing with retail chain.


Office Staff: 12 Persons
Technical Engineers: 05 Persons
Skilled workers: 25 Persons
Final checking & Packing: 20 Persons
Machine operators: 10 Persons


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