(BS) SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS COMPANY. are involved in the manufacturing of Quality Manicure Instruments , Surgical; Dental and Surgical instruments include all type of operation Theater instruments
Of orthopedic, Gynecology, ENT, Dental Surgery, General Surgery Dental Oral Surgery, and orthodontic Surgery etc….
Stain less Steel.
We are using top quality medical grade stainless steel with defined specifications to produce our high quality products. We mostly use the steel type AISI-1410, AISI-420, AISI-304, AISI-303 AND AISI-440 series with defined specification as per customer’s requirements. We select the material for different instruments according to guidelines of ASTM standard F899-94 and ISO7153 standard. We always maintain the customer’s specified hardness of the instruments, and provide the instruments in all finish type like Satin. Mirror, Sand Blast etc.. To further ensure the quality of our instruments, we perform all the requisite tests including Hardness Test, Boil Test, CuS04 Test and all else deem necessary.
Laser Marking.
We are also please to state that our company is using the sophisticated technology of Laser Marking to mark their instruments .It will give you a better idea about what sophisticated technology we use, and how much we are advance in producing instruments.
Our instruments are marked “CE Mark”,Cgmp,Iso 9002
We lead all type of brands. We accept brand logo and demand.
Quality Warranty.
We offer quality warranty in case of any case of any defect material problem working problem.



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